What is Impact Education & Therapy

Dr. Nina Spadaro, of Impact Education & Therapy Associates, is a counseling psychologist and counselor educator with 30 years of clinical and teaching experience. Dr. Spadaro was named outstanding teacher of the year of the West Virginia Uiversity College of Arts and Sciences Honors College in 2003. She created, designed and taught two university courses entitled Life

Nina Spadaro

Choices, and Human Sexuality: Diversity in Contemporary America in West Virginia University’s Honors College. She also taught counseling techniques, counseling theories, group counseling, adolescent and adult counseling and couples and family counseling to master’s level graduate students.

Rives Thornton is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) who works with individuals to improve peoples’ lives and achieve their goals.  Rives specializes in working with individuals that have experienced trauma which can afflict individuals with excessive worry, hypervigilance, unbearable emotions, intense reactions, and immobilizing thoughts.  These issues can significantly impact relationships, jobs, and overall well-being.  Rives uses a holistic personalized approach to address the roots of your issues and create a sense of freedom.  Rives also specializes in working with people that have men’s issues, self-esteem issues, disordered eating, anxiety, and depression.  His approach to counseling is holistic, creative, multi-sensory, and insightful.  Rives also incorporates mindfulness-based modalities such as Yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi to help facilitate and enhance the counseling experience.  Rives truly enjoys working in our private practice with his wife, Nina, and bringing about an experience of health and healing in our office, gardens, and studio.